Islamic Month Muharram Dp Images for Profile and Status

10th date of the Islamic month Muharram is a day on which the grandson of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad was mastered in the city of Karbala with his sons, Nephews and Fellows.

People especially Shia Muslims spend this day with sorrow and sadness by wearing black dresses and adding Muharram dp images on statuses and Profiles on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps.

People use blood images or Muharram text in blood texture or blood background, black background with Hussain Word. Ya Hussain or labbaik ya Hussain and other related dp images are used. few people also use karbala dp on their profile and status.

According to the teachings of Islam and Islamic History, this day 10th Muharram has much importance not only due to the incident of Karbalah where Hazrat Hussain was brutely martyred, but also due to various occasions and incidents they have that occurred before.

According to a few sources of Islamic history, the Hazrat Adam was sent to Earth from Paradise or Jannah which was the 10th Muharram, and the Hazrat Nooh A.S Ship reached at its destination on the same date. and Day of Jujement will be on the same date as per Islamic history and Faith.

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